Testing & Inspection

Any electrical safety inspection ought to be completed regularly and not simply be done once or twice. You can make arrangements with our team to complete any EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) work or to have periodic testing carried out on your appliances.

Electrical Testing
Electrical inspection is the physical inspection of electrical installations to ensure that they are safe to use.
Electrical testing uses test equipment to detect faults in an electrical installation, for instance poor earthing and circuit overload. It ensures, for instance, that warning labels are present and there is no wiring corrosion.

Electrical test and inspection check the ‘fixed’ installation, for instance the wiring, switches and earth bonding. PAT testing checks electrical appliances that are portable, for instance PCs, kettles and fans.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)
We are highly experienced in this field so you can be sure that our PAT testing is carried out to the highest standards. We can carry out PAT testing in the home or for businesses and you can be sure that whatever it is needed for the PAT test we carry out will be fully efficient.